Thursday, December 21, 2017

Looking for caviar

I like caviar, black and others. While pregnant I was looking for caviar but it was embargo times. My friend sent me a picture of a hamburger one layer of red caviar and one layer of black.

I purchased mainly from Euromix, every year for new year they have a different sort. I tried mudfish caviar, which surprisingly I enjoyed. They had other sorts as well like Divine and organic caviar. I bought from La Mer caviar from Ile St-Pierre, for 114$ 100g. I tried the one from Marche de l'Atlantique, a place supplying restaurants. This was an Italian caviar 140$ for 100g. I tried Accadian one from website. It was good, a bit expensive. 99$ for 50g, of a fine roe caviar.

This year I found at Costco store for 67.99$ for 50g. It isn't bad, not too salty Italian. I also purchased a 100g from Euromix for 120$, Italian as well.

From costco:

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